:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Movies and television have more negative effects than positive effects on the way young people behave. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Nowadays, many people around the world spend their free time by watching movies and TV. Some people believe that movies have positive effects on people's lives especially young ones. However, in my opinion, movies and television affect young people's behaviors negatively .I will explore my reasons in what follows. To begin with, movies can increase violence among young people.To state it more clearly, some movies have terrible violent scenes that increase violence in soceity and this would cause a problem among young people because they are not able to express their feelings properly. For instance, I remember that I read a story in the newspaper a couple of years ago, which was about a young boy that hit one of his classmates with a chair because he was mad at him and instead of speaking with his classmate, he had decided to copy one of the scenes of the popular movie to solve his problem.If this young boy had not watched violent movies, he would have not hurt his classmate and he would have preferred to talk to him. Moreover,movies and TV can change young people's opinions about trying hard to get something. In other words, when young people watch plenty of movies about imaginary life people will get whatever they want without trying.In order to lack experiences, they will think that real life is the same as the movies and they do not need to try in order to get something .So, they will miss some of their opportunities in life. Take a young girl as an example who has some problems in her life and she watches a movie in which its first character's life is similar to her life and the character in the movie, meets a boy that changes her life completely; She will wait for an imaginary boy in her life instead of trying to make her life better. To conclude, Tv and movies have more negative influences on young people's behavior. This is because they increase violence and change the young people's opinion about trying hard to get something.
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