Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In modem times, parents learn more from their children than children learn from their parents.

Everyone has a moment when he or she understands that his or her parents are not unique, and not the smartest people on Earth. Furthermore, you can teach them something new. I believe it is a better option and there is no need to prove it. There are two aspects that affect this process. One of them is age. Another one is the speed of world change. First, from our birth, we improve our cognitive skills. Parents become older and notice that they begin to understand information slowly. As for children, it is much easier for them to absorb information from their surroundings. For instance, when I was a little boy, I learned about the world from my parents. It was interesting. When I grew up, I understood that I required new sources of information. Now everything has changed, and they ask me about any new technologies. Finally, I think that the aging process influences people a lot. Second, in the past everything developed very slowly. Nothing changed much or changed a little bit. During the twentieth century, everything has changed so much that those things from the past cannot be comparable with the modern ones. This is because of the speed of the world change. It is really unbelievable and incredible. So, we see that the world changes very fast. Ultimately, I feel that parents can learn a lot from their children. It is even a positive factor. Life goes on. The world changes. Generations change too. It is time for a new epoch. I believe that this is something that should happen.
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