Some people believe that it is better to live your life to make as much money as you can, while others think it is better to live a relaxing life. Which do you think is better and give examples.

Most people think money is all in all for life. It is critically important that we could not do better without money. Personally, I believe that it is better way to live peace and relaxed in life. I feel this way for two reasons, which i will explore in the following essay. To begin with, money is not the second god of life and added that money creates lot's of perplexity in life. Money is the curse in our life when it is overfollowing. Mony begets curse in our fate.My personal experience is compelling illustration of this. When I was in claas twelve, my father send me to a local bank at nignt for withdraw some money from my fathers savings. Additionally, when I left from the bank and try to going my home that time some people rebuke me and attack me. In the meantime I become senseless , this nmoment is the sorrowed moment of my entire life. Secondly, When we have more money we could not relaxed in our life, because of everyone targeted me. I don't even spend my life swiftly , for the reason of I am tense all time to earn more money. Furthermore, earning not so much money we all gonna be free our life, we took leisure time . Consequently, we found enough time to spend my family which help us to build good family relationship and we also go for a long trip that's could be the most enjoyable time in our life.For instance, money don't bear the happiness in our life. In conclusion, I strongly feel that it's better to earn more money that to lead a peaceful life. Because , money sometimes creates lot's of distance from family members and it's also call up many complexity in our whole life. This is because I think to lead a relaxing life is better option for everyone and keep calm and quiet all the important step of life.
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