Question :Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All university students should be required to take history courses no matter what their field of study is. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Whether teaching history to all university students and provide them with historical informationis a controversial subject. Some people beleive that all students should be required to attend in history classes. However,in my opinion, it is not necessary for all university students to take history classes and only students should be required to take these courses that their subject is related to history.I think this way for two main reasons which I will explore in what follows. To begin with, students should be professional in their field in order to be hired ,and it is waste of time to take history courses, especially for students which their field has no relation to history.To state it more clearly, students whose fields do not have any relation to history ,such as math, biology, or engineering, do not need any historical information.They should focus on their filed and can spend that time and energy taking extra courses which are related to their field of study.Take my personal experience as an example,I studied bechelor of chemical enfineering and I had to take history courses and I think I could use that time to improve my skills by learning a new language or software like Matlab which is very useful in chemical engineering and it will improve my resume. Moreover, forcing students to take history courses may affect their health.In other words, some students cannot memorize things easily ,and history is full of different names, dates,and places which should be memorized for doing good in tests and this can be very stressful for students,especially during exams.For instance, one of my friends whose major was electrical enineering, had problems with memorizing things and in order to get a good marks on history exam,she had to be awake a few nights,and being awake made her anxious at tha time.So, she did not do well in her all exams due to having stress. To conclude, all students should not be forced to take history courses.This is because it is kind of wasting time for some students and they can use their time more usefully.Also,history classes might put students who are not good at memorizing under pressure and make them nervous.
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