Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Governments should spend more money in support of the arts than in support of athletics such as state-sponsored Olympic teams. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In the modern era, sport plays a vital role in being healthy physically and mentally. There has always been a controversial debate on whether the government should invest in art more than sports or not. I personally think that politicians should spend money on both fields equally. I feel this way for two main reasons as follows; 1) Teenagers are talented in each pare equally. 2) Artists and athletes gain popularity in other countries at the same level. First and foremost, many students at universities are highly genius and talented in art. They have won several awards in international competitions and have made significant pieces of craft. Moreover, a great segment of adults is interested in various athletics majors. Furthermore, they are doing their bests to compete in international games and reach their goals. As a result, in both cases, many talented people are working rigorously and they need to be supported by the regime. For instance, according to CNN news, over 50 percent of juveniles are active in sports and playing in a variety of teams. At the same time, a numerous number of pupils ( 49%) are studying art majors such as music, painting, and poetry. For this reason, funds of the government must be spent on both sides similarly. On the other hand, societies are trying to gain authority in different aspects of life such as science, art, technology, and sport. Consequently, they are making effort to support diligent individuals in each part financially. Additionally, athletes are the ones who can introduce their country, culture, and language to the world by playing in international competitions like the Olympic games. Furthermore, artists may have exhibitions in many nations showing the skill and heritage of their nations. As a result, they need to be endorsed by their societies. For instance, Mohammad Salah is a highly talented football player from Egypt. However, he was playing for another country, and people around the world learn about his religion, culture, and language due to his fame and flourishing in games. Moreover, Leonardo Davinchi is a celebrated painter who has many spectacular portraits. Consequently, he is introducing his country’s culture and traditions in his profession. That is why I think both art and sports should be gained the same amount of attention from the state. In conclusion, I firmly think that talented people are working diligently in many aspects of profession and entertainment. Subsequently, money should be spent on all parts equally. This is because the new generation has done great work in both fields, and also these two facets will make the same amount of respect for the country.
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