In general, people are living longer now. Which of the following do you think accounts for this phenomenon? Technological improvements Changes to education systems Improvements to our diets Use specific details and examples in your answer. You may choose more than one cause.

Humans are living much longer than the past. Now the average age of death is around 70 compared to two centuries ago which is approximately 30. Why do we live longer now? I believe it is mainly because of the improvement in medical technology and our food. We can live healthier and cure if needed much easier and faster then before. To begin with, our food has become much healthier and cleaner. We have microwave to eat warm food which kills the bacteria and a fridge to keep the food not being corropted. Moreover, when we buy diets from the grocery store there are always label showing by when to eat. This help us to only consume food that are safe. The quality of food and it safeteness has improve. The lifetime is strongly associated with what you eat as it have a huge impact on our physical health thus improvement in our food as one of crucial factor. Another major reason is because of technological improvements across the medical fields. There have been huge innovation in building the equipment which detect and cure the petince. We have x-ray to find craving in our teeth and laszers to cure it. I rememebr going to hospital when my eyer hurts as something was suffocated, but I soon were recoverd thanks to the machine that cleaned my eyer. It is a privilege that we have more time to live as the reason I mentioned above. Therefore, we should appreciate it and live the most out of the moments.
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