In general, people are living longer now. Which of the following do you think accounts for this phenomenon? Technological improvements Changes to education systems Improvements to our diets Use specific details and examples in your answer. You may choose more than one cause.

Nowadays people have longer lifespans than they used to in the past. While there are a lot of factors that contribute to people living longer lives, the most significant reasons for this phenomenon are as follows: technological improvements and improvements to our diets. Technological advancement, especially during the last few decades, has led to improvements in the world in which we live. Due to newfound research, people are also more knowledgable about the diets they consume. Previously, people used to live in unsanitary conditions and polluted areas even without realizing how their living environments were affecting them negatively. There were also little to no technology that regulated pollution, unclean water and air. However, thanks to technological improvements, we are now able to measure the quality of air and find out how our living conditions may impact us. Due to the new technology that helps clean air, water, and control environmental hygenine, there is a reduced risk of being exposed to unsanitary situations. Thus, people are able to live in healthier conditions which greatly increase their lifespans. Another thing is that technological improvements have also made positive contributions to the medicinal field so better cures and treatments options are available for health conditions that used to be life-threatening. People used to mistakenly consumed certain food in large amount because they though it was good for them, while the truth is the opposite. But the people in the past did not have the resource to find out the truth so it puts their health at risk. Wherein, people these days are much more knowledgable about the foods they eat. They are able to differentiate more clearly on which diet is healthy for them and which is not. Owing to new scientific research in the recent years, we also know more about the health benefits of particular foods so we are able to consume those foods as part of our diets. While there are many factors that account for people living longer lives, in my opinion, the two points mentioned above are the most significant ones.
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