Television advertising directed toward young children (aged two to five) should not be allowed.

Television advertising directed toward young children can manipulate them in very bad ways. I totally agree that television directed ads toward kids should not be allowed. I feel this way for 2 reasons which I will examine in this essay. The first reason is that young children can be easily manipulated because they are so innocent that they tend to believe in everything they listen or watch. Aditionally, Young children are not conscious about their actions, choices and/or its consequences. For instance, if you ask a children to do bad something you want in exchange of a candy the kid will probably do it, just because of the fact that they don't think about the consequences of their acts. The second reason is that television advertising can persuade children to eat unhealthy food since the ads related to fast are the most popular in the television and they tend to show that their food is not unhealthy, but everyone knows that it is pretty unhealthy. For example, when I was a children I was persuaded to eat fast food every single time I watched television, therefore I ended up eating unhealthy food at least twice a week with my dad, which he was persuaded by me. If I had children, I would not let them eat fast food. In conclusion, I totally agree with the statement that says that television advertising directed toward young children should not be allowed. Firstly, because children can be easily manipulated and secondly, because they end up eating fast food more than they should.
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