Why do you think an additional work or an extra assignment can be helpful for improving your performance at school or for getting a promotion at work?

Undeniably additional effort in an effective way always leads to more accomplishment, but we need to be aware of keeping a balance between our health and hard endeavor. Hence, I believe the extra effort is an astonishing way to help us. To make it clear, I will explore my reasons in the following paragraphs. To begin with, Sporadically we have difficulty learning something, and it is subjective for every human being. Consequently, these specific terms or lectures require more assignments in order to learn them completely. For instance, When I was in university, in the second term, I took a course that was hugely hard for me to comprehend ; as a result, I tried to google to get more homework, and it worked, and it has helped me a lot. Even after all those years, I can still solve problems that are related to that course. Therefore, This example shows extra assignments helped me to overcome the hardship that we have. Also, this fact is a general matter, and it is true for people who are working in different industries. Furthermore, Additional work or assignments can enhance our speed particularly when we are out of time. For Example, when we have a deadline the only thing that can help us to resolve this problem is our skill which is feasible through extra work and assignments. As an example, I remember, During all the years that I was studying at university, at the same time I had to work for a company as a programmer, and in order to handle my tasks quickly, I had to practice in the summer to improve my solving problem ability because working with studying is a hard job, and we need to be quick to handle both of them. Finally, This example shows extra practice can help us to be quick, and it gives us an opportunity to handle different tasks at the same time. In conclusion, I mentioned two reasons in order to show my Idea. Firstly, Extra assignments and work can help us to overcome difficult problems. Secondly, It can help us to be quick and we can use this skill to manage our tasks quickly.
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