Directions Read the following passage for 3 minutes. You may take notes while you read. You will be able to see the reading passage again when it is time for you to write. You may use your notes to help you answer the question.

The reading and the lecture are both about fees for a national park in the united states. The author of the reading believes in the cancellation of national parks' entrance fees for all visitors. The lecturer casts doubt on the claims made in the article thinking that the entrance fee for national parks should continue. To begin with, the reading passage states that national parks belong to the country, so citizens should allow using for free. The lecturer counters by insisting that these fees need for maintaining, up-to-date facilities and paying salaries for employees working there. If they do not receive payment, the federal and states have to rise the taxes and people should pay higher money. Second, the professor points out that changing entrance fees encourage people to visit small national park such as Yellowstone. Families prefer to minimize their expenses and pay lower for small parks. The reading, on the other hand, makes the argument that visitors especially those who want to stay in national parks for several days discourage because it makes a lot of pay for them. As a final point, the author mentions that visitors have to spend too much time in line and this causes them to complain about this situation. The speaker, although assertion that quality enhancement of the park service causes an increase in safety. Dangerous people do not allow to enter to park by rangers. As a result, suspects cannot threaten other visitors or parks.
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