Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All university students should be required to take history courses no matter what their field of study is. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The past of a country is its root and heritage. Although some people assume that university students should be required to pass history courses in all majors, Others think it is not necessary. I strongly agree with the idea of offering classes about the ancient times of the country for all the pupils. I feel this way for two main reasons as follows:1) Learning history helps to avoid repeating the old mistakes. 2) It is critically important to know about old culture and history of the country to present your motherland in international events. First and foremost, studying about a wide variety of wars and events in the past broaden one’s mind. The ways which the ancestors tried to deal with challenges would be a great lesson for new generation. Moreover, by having knowledge about the past, individuals in the governments would be able to make wiser decisions and avoid doing the same mistakes in political and social fields. For instance, Afghanistan is a compelling example of this. Many years ago, Taliban invaded the country and made enormous problems for the citizens. They ignored human rights and avoid women from education and social activities. The US started to fight with them and the flee from the country. After twenty years, people forgot the history and their past activities. They trust Taliban and let them march into the country again. Consequently, the Taliban has not changed and started to practice many violate behavior in the society. Although people are regretful about their entrance, they got the control of the government and has made many harsh situation for the homeland. For this reason, I believe that everyone should know the sequence of various events in the the past of one’s country and the world. On the other hand, students should be highly-educated about their country and its dynasties. It will extremely beneficial to introduce their culture and history to other nations and invite them to visit their country. They can talk about their historical monuments and structures confidentially and present a deep and clear explanation of the ancient social situations. For instance, my friend is from china. She always talks about her country enthusiastically and invite me to visit there. I decided to spend my last vacation in China and she was with me. We had a great travel because she knew all the places and their past stories. It was fabulous for me listening to her lectures about the Chinese dynasties. She was then found a high-paid job as a tour guide in a celebrated tourist company. That is why it is crucial for students to learn about their country. In a nutshell, history is indispensable part of a country and new generation should be mastered in that. This is because they learn not to do the same mistakes, and also they would be able to ask foreigners’ questions about their nation and ancient culture generally.
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