Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others think access to so much information creates problems. Which view do you agree with?

During the sigle XIX, communication was an important technology that permitted change in the first and second world Wars. Although the war ended up communication started to develop, due to the people's needing for efficient methods and after a long time,the Internet was built it. The Internet is a tool that like all tools important in it can use. People believe the internet is unuseful because the information is gigantic, however, the internet is the most valuable position of Mankind, thanks to innovation humans might create connections in the information,and proof this is the interaction between science articles and international journalists. Mainly, the idea of connecting the information had been hard, owing to programation and creation of standard browsers being the principal problem. Moreover, Google became a plan to intersect the information to make it easier to look the similar topics. It is now called Google academics, after this invention, the other editors created their browsers, which later built up it. Finally,it helps all the professionals meet information. On the other hand. Journalism is the way to get the truth and give back the information to people. Mexico suffered corruption at all levels, so the journalist is looking for information that proves something. Thanks to International Journals and the internet was possible to contact Mexico, which provoked the truth to be discovered. Indeed. The internet permits the interconnection with people around the world that can share information to help someone. If the internet was not created, the actual issues could be not resolved.
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