Do you agree or disagree with the following statement When classmates or colleagues communicate about a project in person instead of by e mail they will produce better work for the project Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Some people argue that writing an e-mail is a great way to communicate about the project to colleagues or classmates. They cite the convenience of the online communication platform to support their viewpoint. However,I strongly disagree with these people and believe that in-person meeting provides far more advantages for group project. I feel this way for two specific reasons which I will thoroughly examine in the following paragraphs. To begin with, face-to-face communication is necessary for the team because team members can have a better understanding of each other. For example, people can observe other people’s facial expressions and tone of voice when they speak which helps to clarify or contradict the messages being said. Without these non-verbal languages, team members will not be able to tell if they are on the same page and, as a result, they cannot reach a consensus easily. It is important for team members to get a clear idea of the group because it makes the team run more effectively and efficiently. Thus, meeting in person is beneficial for team members. Secondly, in-person meeting is better since it helps the team solve the problems faster. For instance, team members do not have to stand by for another person to be available to reply the e-mails and can discuss the issue instantly. With the presence of the time consumed waiting for other members, the team will come to an agreement slower and, at the same time, delay the working process. It is crucial for the group to have the ability to sort out difficulties in a short time because once faced with an emergency, they have to handle the situation immediately. Therefore, face-to-face communication is important for group projects. To conclude, the problem of whether classmates/colleagues should communicate in person or via e-mail about the project is complex. Nevertheless, I still contend that face-to-face meeting is advantageous for group projects due to their benefits for the team’s clear understanding and rapid communication.
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