Question :Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Providing Internet access is just as important as other services, such as building roads, so governments should offer Internet access to all of their citizens at no cost. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In this modern era,the internet is very effective in peopel's differnt aspects of life. In my opinion governments should provide free internet access to all its citizens.I feel this way for two main reasons which I will eplain them in what follows. First, many people's job is dependant to the internet.To sate it more clearly, some people work with international companies and thier job is relied on the internet and also most companies have websites for selling thier products online; without internet access companies will loose great parts of thier customers.For instance, many young people sell their products from instagram pages in my country and they make money by usuing this application.This helps goverments solve the problem of unemployed people without spending money. Moreover, people use internet to improve their skills by attending in many various courses.To be more specific, nowadays, many students tend to attend classes online because its much easier and there are plenty of good websites which provide great services for these students.If theinternet becomes free, many other people will attend to these courses. My personal experience is a good example of this. During epidemic time, I was able to attend my university classes becuase of access to the internet.Wherease one of my classmates could not attend in classes and exames because he lived in small villiges which had not good internet services.If I had not access to good internet service, I could not be able to finish my unversity eithier. To conclude, internet aceess is one of the essential services in all people's life and governments should provide it with no cost to all thier citizens. This is because most of the people's job is dependant on the internet and many students improve thier skills by internet.
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