Question: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers should not make their social or political views known to students in the classroom. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Today, almost every person back one or many political or social views so do teachers. Sometimes teachers talk about their social support in class and reveal it publicly. Many people believe this is not a good idea and teachers ought to prohibited to do this. I completely agree with this statement and I think when a teacher brings his/her social and political views to the public, not only lessons will be affected but also, students' views of the professor might be changed. There is no doubt that people illustrate stereotypes when they hear about a person's political support. This can affect children because it's harder for them to decide freely. Therefore, students may not attend the teacher's classes when they inform about his/her belongings. For example, in my university, there is a professor who is a parliament member too. Thus, students who support the opponent party, which has a lot of supporters, don't sign up for his classes. As a result, many semesters, his classes were canceled because of the low number of attendants. Additionally, revealing social backing can change the direction of the class. Because when students are aware of their teacher's party, they tend to talk more about politics, and further it goes, the odds of leading to an argument increase. Moreover, some students may sign up for classes only to watch or even to join class debates. As a result, it can be really distracting and the class focus might be in a different direction and all of them sum up to an inconclusive class which is a disaster for students, teachers,and the school. In conclusion, it is not a good behavior for teachers to aware students of their public or social views. Not only it can derive conflicts in the classroom but also, students might not attend some classes because of belonging to a special party. Thus it is good for schools to prohibit teachers from doing this.
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