Some people pursue career paths that lead to management positions. Other people follow career paths leading to positions of individual responsibility, which do not involve managing others. Which career path are you likely to follow? use specific examples and reasons to support your answers.

There is no shortage of opinions on whether to choose a career path with the management position or the path in which you will do your own work only. Personally, I prefer to pursue the career that will lead me to management position. I feel this way for two reasons which I will explore in the following paragraphs. First of all, I will get to work in the higher position in any company. Obviously, managing is not an easy task, also people have to have a great skill of communication and leadership to manage the group of people. Furthermore, it is the crucial skill that the people should have if they want to progress their organization. Consequiently, those type of skills are needed on the upper post in the company. My personal experience is a good exammple of this. When I was in high school I was appointed as a class monitor. I had to control the class whenever teachers were absent and to fulfill the basic demands of the students as well. That required the skills to communicate with teachers and students. I was good at that. As a later when there was selection for the college repesentative in the final year. teachers mentioned my name for it. For this reason, if I had failed to manage the class, I would not have been apointed as the college representative. Second, the management position career path is more productive and lucrative than other. Evidently, we have to be deligent in our job and have to interact with many prople; which helps us to develop new skills and meet new pepople. Those skills can be very handy in our other daily life and people can be helpfull as well in any difficult conditions. Hence, management position career paths are ardous but also promising. Dragging from my personal experience, when I was elected as a college representative, I get an oppourtunity to visit different new plcaes and meet new places: which improved communication skill and self steem. Apart from that, I got paid for my visit too: it was only for the breakfast but also it was something than nothing. In conclusion, I will not hesitate to choose the career that involves the management position. This is because you get chance to work in to rank position of company and because you get paid higher than other employees.
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