Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific points made in the reading passage.

The author introduces the topic of driverless cars, which refers to self-driving cars. More specifically the author discusses the many benefits driverless cars can offer us. On the other hand, the lecturer in the listening passage disagrees. He believes that driverless cars actually can lead to many problems, and attacks each of the authors claims. First, the author begins stating that traffic accidents can be reduced because this type of cars have a designed software that doesn’t make mistakes. The reading passage also provides an example of a driverless car that has driven 700 000 miles without any accident. The lecturer, however, believes that there are flaws in the writer´s position. He contends that this software designed by humans can actually present problems. He goes on and say that last month the driverless car that didn´t have an accident in effect hit another car. According to the writer this type of cars are good for the environment, because the engines work less causing less pollution. In contrast, the speaker points out that as a result of driverless cars driver´s license would not be required neither an age restriction, so basically the number of cars will increase. He then explains that this will cause the increase of pollution, so the environment will be more contaminated. Also, the reading passage notes that the traffic will be significantly reduced and drivers will be able to focus on other thing while they “drive” to their jobs, for example. Now they will be allowed to work on other tasks such as, homework. The professor rebuts this argument. He says that in fact driving is a way to relax and many people feel this is a time to distract themselves from work. So, this statement is certainly contradictory. To sum up, as you can see both author and writer hold conflicting views of driverless cars.
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