Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? My lifestyle is easier and more comfortable than the one my grandparents experienced when they were young. Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice. Be sure to use your own words. Do not use memorized examples.

We humans have been working diligently to improve our lifestyle for all of history. I agree with the above statement mainly for two reasons: improvements in transportation, and the rapid development of e-commerce. The advancement in transportation gives us opportunity to go anywhere we like easily and online shopping saves consumer’s time and energy. To begin with, our lifestyle of going to different place has become much easier. When our grandparents were young it was not normal to have a family trip to overseas, Though airplanes existed back then, it was too expensive for most people to be able to afford airfares. Nowadays we can travel to almost anywhere on the earth with affordable air ticket prices in a short time. Because of such low cost, many of the family or individual can travel to different countries. For example, I can easily go see my friend who lives 10000km away from me just within a day. If I were living in my grandparents' era, it would have taken longer and cost me more money. In addition, improvements in transportation has resulted in efficient delivery services, which makes shoppers' lives easier. Another reason is that our shopping had become much more convenient. We now have internet tools to buy things online. From food to cars, almost anything can be bought and delivered without going to the stores. This of course was not possible back in the 40s. People had to go to the store and buy. The downside is that there may be limited stock so can not find desired product and have to carry home what you have purchased. Which are both time and energy-consuming. I use online shopping often, for example I buy my clothes online. The advantage of online shopping is that I do not need to go to stores and still able to see many products. I can click what I like and it will arrive at my house in a short period of time. Thus, shopping life has become much more convenient than my grandparents' time. The life we have now which we take for granted would not be possible without hard work of our grandparents. We are far more developed to the past in many ways like in transportation and online shopping as I discuss; thus, it is now our turn to even make our lifestyle better for the future generation.
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