Do you agree or disagree with this statement? The ability to cooperate with others is more important today than in the past.

The current economic model called capitalism has created a period, when people need to be individualist, due to the competition every day is important, and nowadays is more remarkable the intention to increase the confrontation in a few activities, such as school, job, and games. Firstly, the school made a system of competition that never think of helping someone, the school is the principal place where someone starts out to compete to be the best, as a consequence, the kids get a new idea to be the number 1 and it destroys the intention to construct a revolution. Secondly, Jobs is a place where all try to "kill" to climb into the business. As result, the production is worse, due to people creating a plan to eliminate a co-worker from the line production, however, if we intend to cooperate, the future jobs will be good with great conditions of development. Thirdly, the games like sports, video games or whichever are like war, although, they were created to help the people and relax, now, they are a system of mach that improve the idea of the number 1, it is a result of the idea of individualism. In resume, common occupations have developed a perfect place of individualism, even if normal people become something, it will be impossible due to capitalism being the most powerful, and Our destiny is in their hands.
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