Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others think access to much information creates problems. Which view do you agree with?

There are many discuss about the question if internet could create problems when access to much. Im my opinion, I think that all the things is dangerous when is used so much. Internet is not different. If internet is access too much might bring several problems such as wast time with bad things, hamful the child on the school and health problems as well. To start, much access on the internet can make a person wast time with bad things. Internet is a tool that people have to know use then. There are many excellet thing to learn and to do on the internet, like a read a book on line, learn about some issue or take some distract there. But, in the contrast, internet has a lot of dangerous things to see. On the internet, once I knew a man that destroied his marrige because meet other woman there and have a sex with her. His wife discovered and his marrige broke. We have to be care with what we looking for on the internet. Other reason that much internet is not too good is that sometimes child stay many time in front of a computer, playing games on the internet. As a result, their grades on the school were very unplesant. My son was a example like this. He stay many time on the internet in the last year and he didn't pass to the next year on the school. This was the result that he had. Stay too much on the internet was hamful to him and to me. Finally, stay many time on the internet might be hamfum to the health problems. One survery from de Boston University in 2019, had shown that people that pass more than five hours per day on the internet, can developed eyes problems. My colegue Peter work all day in front of the computer read articles on the internet. He had passed more time on the internet, instead with his family. In the last year he had a problem in his eyes and he had to make a surgery to correct then. As you can see, much time on the internet might bring health problems on the people. In conclusion, I totally agree with that stay much time ascess to much informtion on the internet could be a trouble to people. Personaly, I believe that stay much time on the internet can bring several problems to the family such waste time with bad things, on the school and to the wealth.
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