Some people believe that when busy parents do not have a lot of time to spend with their children, the best use of that time is to have fun playing games or sports. Others believe that it is best to use that time doing things together that are related to schoolwork. Which of the two approaches do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

You may wonder why so many of employed people when become parents, do not know what they should have to do to amuse their children in their free-time. In general, there are two groups of parents. Some of the parents do not care about their children and ignore them. On the other hand, some want to play games or sports, or do schoolwork with each other. This essay with regarding to second group of parents. As a result, the discussion is mainly about the best use of time to have with their kids. Hence, I will assay different facets of the demanding task; enjoying time, and personality development. First of all, children should have enjoyed from the time that they spend with their parents. Based on my own experience and the statistics that I saw in the news, most children do not want to expend their time with their family by doing schoolwork, and it would not be delightful for them. They need some other activities besides doing things that are related to their homework, something that gives them energy. Therefore, children prefer to play games or sports with their beloved ones. For instance, mysterious games and puzzles can improve children's memory. Although, the game or the sport that they want to play should be appropriated for their interests. In result, benefits of these games and sports can make children pleased. Next, fathers and mothers can help their child to build and develop their characters by the games they play together. However, there is an important point; Based on psychological studies, these games have potential to create significant influences on children with age 7-13. Thus, these effects can have some advantages or disadvantages. It all depend on the games that have chosen by parents, and their attitudes to children during the playing time. Sports can also play a major role on developments of children's skills and personality. Children would have become successful athletes with great careers by playing these sports with their parents in early ages. As an illustration, a kid that has been played basketball from age seven, can actually become a valuable player for famous teams. All in all, I believe that parents can be guided, and made beneficial skills on their children by using their free-time on playing useful games or sports instead of spending time on doing homework. Nothing is more important than child's feels of happiness. Parents should have recognized their children's interests and characters so that be able to allocate them proper games in their free-time.
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