Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for students to understand ideas and concepts than it is for them to learn facts. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Education has a crucial role in everyone's life. People start to learn a few seconds after birth, and by going to school, they begin their education formally. Hence, the school's educational methods are so significant. There are different opinions about learning methods. While some people think students should learn facts, others believe that the basis and ideas of these facts are more important. In my opinion, understanding the concepts of facts by students is more beneficial for them, and I have a couple of reasons for that. First of all, concepts of facts can influence students. If students learn about the primitive ideas of a fact, it can be beneficial for their imagination. For example, when I was a student, my physic teacher described Edison's biography, his ideas, and the prototype of his inventions in order to teach electricity; as a result of that, one of my classmates made use of Edison's idea about the lamp and invented a kind of new energy-efficient lamp. Additionally, knowing concepts can help students to learn facts in a better way. When teachers just say about facts in classes, the class can not be attractive to students. They just remember the fact for exams, and after that, they forget them. But the initial idea about a fact and the story behind that can convince students to pay more attention to lectures and eliminate the exhausted atmosphere of the class, even some times students particpate in class discussions it can help students to understand efficiently, and the fact can stick in students mind many years later due to an attractive concept of it. To sum up, ideas are more useful for students. As a teacher, I tried to teach important facts through their concepts. Firstly, this method can influence students to think deeply and be creative. Secondly, telling about concepts can make lectures more attractive, and students enjoy that.
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