Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is difficult for teachers to be both popular (liked by students) and effective in helping students in learning.

The role of a mighty teacher in the education process cannot be disregarded. Controversy exists over whether a teacher can simultaneously have popularity and high efficiency in assisting students or not. Popularity and effectiveness can ameliorate each other because not only do students accept a popular teacher's statement readily, but also this popularity can perform as an incentive for teachers to teach students in a committed way. To begin with, approval of the teacher's lessons by the students is one of the primary keys to students' learning efficiency. In other words, if students find their teachers popular and consider them as a friend trying to help them and not compete or punish them, they can communicate with their teachers much better; so this can raise the effectiveness of the learning process. For instance, when a student misunderstands a subject during class, he/she can express his/her misconception as a question without the fear of prejudgment. Then, the teacher tries to clarify and enlighten the subject for the student as much as the student comprehends the topic very well. Consequently, the usefulness of the education process increases. Second, teachers' commitment to their work regards as a significant part of students' education. That is to say, if a teacher has sufficient motivation to genuinely feel his/her obligation about his/her notable role in student learning, he/she can be able to devote himself/herself to teaching students. For example, when a teacher is hated a lot by students and receives irrational negative feedback from students, he/she gradually loses his/her enthusiasm about the students' knowledge situation; thus, it can damage the students' way of being an erudite and in the long run, can badly affect the society as well. In conclusion, I firmly believe that popularity and teaching effectiveness are remarkably dependent on each other, and teachers should continuously have them both in their careers. This is because, with the lack of popularity, the efficiency of the education process is in grave danger. Also, as a prolonged effect, their enthusiasm can be declined.
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