Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to live in one town or city all your life than to move from one place to another. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

The city that we live and grow up in has an essencial effect in our life. It affects our lifestyle, personality and believes , so some people believes that they should move from one place to another . However, in my opinion, it is better for people to live in one city their entire life. First off all, living in one city is more convinient than moving from one city to another. In other words, when you live in one city, you will have less chalenges to find places because you know the malls, good resturants,schools,hospitals and etc.Take my grandmother as an example, she has lived in Urmia since she was born. As a result, she knows exellent stores in city and she always buys good products,such as fresh meat and vegatables, delicious foods, without searching a lot for them ,and I always ask her help for choosing resturants. Secondly,by living in one city, we will have many friends ,so we will have better communications. Whereas if you move from one city to another, it may be difficult for you to make friends and sometimes communication with strange poeple is hard. For instance, when my mother went to other city,she first felt lonely and depressed while her neighbor had a lot of friends from school time and knew many people since her childhood and she had great communications with them. But it took some time for my mother to find and make friends. To conclude, living in one city is a better idea than moving from a place to other places. This is becuase living in one city is more convinient and less chalenging. Also having communications is much easier if you live a city your entire life. Hence, I recommend people live in one city.
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