Which one of the following values is the most important to share with a young child(5-10 years old)? 1.being helpful 2.Being honest 3.Being well organized

There are many necessary values witch parents should teach their children especially in their younger age because children are willing to learn from their parents in this age. These values, such as being helpful, honest and well organized will benefit children in different stages of their life. In my opinion, being honest among these values is the most important one. In what follows, I will explain my reasons. First of all, honest people have better communications because other people trust them easily. To state it more clearly, if children learn to be honest from their younger age, being honest will be much easier for them when they grow up. While if they used to lie to their parents, teachers and friends, it will be hard for them to change their behavior and become a reliable person in future and because of that they may have some problems in their relationships. Take my cousin for example when she was in elementary school, she usually lied to her teachers when she was in trouble and my uncle was OK about it. Now it is difficult for her to tell the truth when she is in trouble and because of that she lost some of her friends. Furthermore, honest people are more reliable and they can become more successful in their career. To be more specific, employers usually want to hire honest people and if they hire someone who is honest to them, they can be sure that this person always tells the truth no matter what the situation is. Take my mother as an example, she is an honest person and she comments her idea honestly which is really helpful for her coworkers and boss. To conclude, among different fundamental values, being honest is very essential to be shared with children in their younger age. This is because of the honesty’s role in better communications with other people and being hired faster.
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