Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Because modern life is very complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Many believe that being disciplined is a crucial skill for youngsters that can help them overcome the obstacles of a modern, complicated life. I firmly believe this to be true. In my book, being able to plan and organize will improve the younger people's lives by both saving them more time and making them more focused on what they are doing. To begin with, one of the main problems that the members of the new generation are facing is the issue of time management. amount of time they waste due to the advent of many technological devices such as smartphones and tablets in recent years. Therefore, unless a person can properly manage their time, he or she will probably spend much of their valuable minutes surfing the net or chatting with their peers. For instance, my ten-year-old cousin has gotten addicted to playing video games and his parents are gravely concerned about his future which is threatened by this new predicament. Therefore, they have decided to help him learn how to make a plan so that he can both study his lessons, and have fun with the video games. Therefore, planning ability can help youngsters save a substantial amount of time, which they can use to improve themselves in other branches of life. Secondly, is a young person to succeed in his or her life, they must know how to organize their thoughts and focus on what they are doing. Many people are struggling with psychoanalytical obsessive impairments such as OCD or ADHD, whose main problem is that they can not remain concentrated on their tasks. One of the best solutions to their problem is to give them organizing practices. For instance, some psychoanalysts suggest that organizing one's room will result in a reduction in their level of stress. Besides, living in an organized room where everything is in the right place will improve the students' functionality of studies. Thereby, it is of utmost importance that the younger generation is taught how to plan and organize. However, there are always exceptions. Some might argue that there are some significantly successful people whose lives lack even the shades of discipline and order. Still, I believe the number of such people is trifling. Moreover, a particular type of order might be seen if one looks meticulously at those people's daily lives. In conclusion, the ability to plan and organize is among the most important personality possessions of every person. Especially, it is a must for youngsters to have this ability so that they can not only manage their priceless time but also array their thoughts and stay focused on their tasks. Therefore, I strongly agree that such an ability is essential for younger people to have.
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