Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The rules that societies today expect young people to follow and obey are too strict. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Old people expect more than ever from the youngest, due to the past sigle was a good period to increase the economy, however, recent time is not great like before, because the high-density population creates overdemand of resources like food, dwelling, and school. The earth does not have infinite soil to plant infinite food, the earth is a small place with limited space, young people think that it will be a worse setting, so the plan is not to try to follow the old rules, it is much better if the actual society creates new rules and decrease the consumption. The cost of a dwelling increased enough to be impossible to acquire one, the ancient thought has created a family and buy a house, however, the actual situation provoked by the high cost of houses, created a vision of life now because the future is not possible to get something and instead of buying a house, they are traveling around the world. Getting a bachelor's degree is not a security of getting a good job, due to the people got the opportunity to go to school, they increased the number of graduates per year and it means that not all can take a job, although going to the university is a good plan because whoever evolve their knowledge, it is not necessary to study. In conclusion, young people do not want to follow the old rules, because the resources are finite and if adults postpone the discussion of new rules, it will be later.
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