Do you agree with the following statement? At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support

Undoubtedly, Universities and colleges offer students verity of programs, and all these programs could help us in many ways. As a student, we need different abilities to have a brilliant future. These abilities could help us in different aspects of life, and I believe sports and social activities must receive equal financial support, Which I elaborate on in the following paragraphs. To begin with, Generally, when we think about going to university it reminds us only to study, But a student needs to pay attention to different aspects of their life. One way to appreciate ourself is to participate in sports and social activities, and the consequence is to have self-confidence and motivation to do our tasks. For example, When I was In high school, I always had specific time to work out, but in the last year of high school because of getting better score I decided to save this time, and only focus on my study. Surprisingly the result was even worse than previous year, and I realized that workout is a leverage to enhance my attention to detail. As a result, This example shows, even though I thought without workout and save time I could be more productive but it turned out I had been mistaken. Furthermore, Social Activities also is playing a major role to make a person who is able to use his knowledge. We can consider a person who have good knowledge, but he is shy to talk about that or not accomplished to use it. For instance, I had a friend who had outstanding talent to solve algorithms, but whenever someone asked from him to illustrate that he always avoid from this situation. One day when we had a friendly conversation, He explained to me the reason that he does not want to present anything is not because he is arrogant; In fact, He is a welcomed person, but he is afraid of being judged by people. In my idea, He could have this ability if he paid more attention to social activities programs. To conclude, These problems can solve easily by help of universities. One way to improve these kind of programs is to receive equal financial support from university, and That is why I feel this way.
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