You are planning to study abroad. What do you think you will like and dislike about this experience? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

I have been studying for 19 years out of the 26 years I've lived so far, in one way or another, And for years I have looked forward to the prospect of studying abroad and the new experiences and challenges it could bring to my life. There is of course ups and downs to the matter, like the opportunity of acquiring better and superior education or the feeling of homesickness which may ensue, and I'll have to be prepared for them as much as I can. Planning ahead and getting advice from various sources is a must when it comes to such an immense step in one's life, so I'll try to consider my own preferences and schedule everything around me. The most important aspect of studying abroad for me would be the quality of the education I am set to recieve. Being a student of a high ranking university that cares about the students and their acquired knowledge upon graduation would please me a lot. I'd like to feel as though I am a more knowledgable and useful person when I get a diploma. On the other hand, lousy professors and shallow courses could seriously make my life downright miserable. As an only slightly comedic example, I'd defenitely pick any major state university in the United States over a backwater college in New Guinea where no one but the locals have ever heard of. Another matter I care deeply about is the life off-campus. Having lived my whole life in a society that is made to be generally dry and cold without much fun to be had as a community, I will try to make the most of my new surroundings and indulge myself in as much previously harmless fun as possible. The Oktoberfest in Germany and La Fiesta de los Muertos in Mexico and Latin America are two examples in possible destinations that I can recall off the top of my head. The food in my destination would be another major issue for me. I don't eat too much, but I enjoy what I eat. I will definitely plan on trying and tasting every significant dish my host nation has to offer, and I might even be able to develope my limited culinary skills to be able to have those dishes with me wherever I go. Mexican food is specially intriguing to me. I'd really like to try Tacos, Nachos and maybe even some authentic Menudo and Pozole.
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