Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Famous entertainers and athletes deserve to have more privacy than they have now. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

With the advent of social networking websites, it is harder for many celebrities and athletes to protect their privacy. Hence, let’s consider the importance of respecting their privacy. I believe protecting their privacy would enable them to live normally like others, such as relaxing and enjoying family gatherings. In the beginning, respecting their privacy could help celebrities and athletes return to everyday life. Now, they are socially exposed even after working. For example, many paparchies and some overly enthusiastic fans try to catch them and take a shot of their private time. Also, they are always the very target of comments and photos on Twitter and Instagram. Presumably, under such a situation, they could not enjoy their ordinary life if we do not respect their privacy. Moreover, protecting their private time would enable celebrities and athletes to take a good break. If we do not harass their free time, they are more likely to feel relaxed, contributing to their excellent performance. For instance, many professional runners could be rested and improve their records if crowds do not meddle with their free time. Their good sleep and rest could help them win games and exert their maximum abilities. Furthermore, more celebrities and athletes could enjoy their family gatherings if we would pay respect to their privacy. They are now hesitant to join their family events, such as birthday parties at a famous restaurant, because many people comment about their private activities on social networking websites. For instance, many Japanese celebrities and athletes do not go to cheer for their children at sports events because crowds usually intervene in their private time and post comments and photos on Twitter. If we respect their privacy, they are more likely to enjoy their family events by their heart. In conclusion, celebrities and athletes deserve to have more privacy to bring themselves to everyday life. If we respect their private time, they could recharge for their best performance and enjoy harmonizing with their family.
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