Would you prefer to take courses taught by professors with whom you have already had other classes during your past years of study, or would you prefer to take courses with professors whose classes you have never taken before? Why?

Throughout history, teachers and professors have been cultivating and growing the seed of awareness in people and their positions should always be eulogized to have a thriving society. Undergraduates can be exposed to various techniques and methods by instructors. Regarding the effects of professors’ methods, some students allege it is advantageous to take a course taught by a professor with whom they have had classes before, while others feel the opposite is true. If I were a student, I would prefer to take courses with professors with whom I have experience. In what follows, I would delve into the most cogent reasons. At first glance, from many psychological points of view, teachers, as the most conspicuous role models in the community, can help students set goals for their future lives and follow their dreams until they are achieved. It requires mutual identification which can be acquired straightforwardly by participating in classes with a similar teacher. It can be illustrated by a simple example. Imagine students getting stuck on a problem and cannot study enough for a near assessment. Students having previous relationships with their professors can be more stress-free about the future of the current semester. One of my friends experienced mentioned situation when his father passed away during final exams. Therefore, not only is familiar teachers support you during your education period, but also they can have in-depth effects on your professional future. Moreover, every coin has two sides, and taking classes with new professors can be beneficial as well. In this way, students can be familiar with a high range of professional people with diverse personalities in their field and it can result in flourishing learners. however, there might exist more crucial reasons for both attitudes toward taking classes. Indeed, familiar professors may allocate their novel projects to students whose skills were proven; so, owing to this weighty matter, every learner can become acknowledged in the circle of skillful professors and scholars. As a personal experience, one of the professors with whom I obtained a pass in several classes acted a key role in finding my favorite job during our master’s period. It was a conclusion of her in-depth recognition of learners with more educational interactions. As a result, acquainted professors can stimulate learners in several stages of their professional future life, namely having income and becoming recognized by introducing their projects to adept students. To put it in a nutshell, it is undeniably preferable for students to take courses educated by professors who have got familiar with their personality during the past years of their study because previous recognition can operate as a relief when students do not have conditions to participate in final exams, as well as it can help students to make new professional relationships through projects.
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