Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A university education is essential to success in life.

The predominant purpose of education is to help people to lead satisfying and productive lives. I believe having a prosperous life obligatory does not need an academic education, which I explore in the following essay. First, success in life has different meanings for different people. Although success in modern life means having a lot of money, a good career, and luxurious life, also, there are some other different ideas about success. Some people believe success is having a romantic life and having a lovely family, surrounding them, or there is another idea for success that focuses on the spiritual aspects of humans, people with this idea find success in happiness and having a peaceful life. Additionally, some scientists firmly believe that a victorious life is nothing except devoting life to science, or even some religious people believe that real bliss is achieved by living in sorrow and mourning to satisfy God and beg for his mercy. Therefore, with this wide range of definitions that success in life could have, no one can claim that a university education is the key to having a successful life. Second, a university education may help people achieve just a few types of success in some academic and career fields but cannot guarantee that they would succeed in all fields. It is obvious that academic education is essential for professions like engineering, teaching, medicine, and law, but becoming a successful athlete or a famous movie star, or even becoming a singer essentially does not need a university education. In addition, an academic education never enables people to have good relationships with their friends or family members, and it also cannot provide them spiritual happiness and peaceful lives. Consequently, having a university education alone does not guarantee success in life. To sum up, there are several diverse meanings for success in life, and some types of success like spiritual happiness do not need any academic education, also a university education is not mandatory for some professions like being a movie star or singer. For these two reasons, I think that a university education is not necessary to have a happy life.
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