“The widespread use of the internet has positively affected people.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Share your views along with appropriate reasons.

People at large agree with the fact that modern technology affects society in several ways. However, in my view, it has a more positive effect on individuals and communities . I feel this way because of two reasons that I will share in this essay. The first reason is that now people can access online investigation reports relating to political corruption easily on the internet after digitalization. As a result, to avoid coming into people’s bad books, politicians try to remain honest. Some reporters are hesitant to criticize politicians on a national level. In contrast, there are others who are willing to expose any and every misbehavior. For example, recently, I discovered an online magazine that shared a story of a town whose mayor was found guilty of taking bribes from its public. Moreover, there was enough evidence too to support the article. So, it was clearly showing the journalist has well-researched the topic. As a result, the mayor had to resign from the post. This is a clear depiction of how the internet helps maintain democracy in society. The next reason would be now many people are highly motivated to exchange their views on politics. It is because they can do it freely on online platforms. Multiple social networking platforms connect people from all over the world and help them share their opinions. So, while in the past, people hesitated to speak as they felt alone in their beliefs, today, the table has turned. They share to find like-minded people. Here I am speaking from my real life experience. Like when I was pursuing my higher secondary education, I found my local authorities were going to demolish a municipal park outside my apartment. This was disturbing for me since that park was my go-to place during my free time. At first, I felt helpless, like there was nothing I could do as I was the only one feeling this way. However, later I thought of creating a Facebook group. We shared our views on how much we loved the park and were ready to protest against it. We even gathered around the park until authorities heard our voices. Thus, it shows how the internet has united people and given them the strength to speak. So, the bottom line is widespread internet access has been beneficial to people in many ways. It has introduced online journalism, which has helped strengthen our country’s democracy and made people come close.
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