Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers were more appreciated and valued by society in the past than they are nowadays. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Most of us believe that choosing a teacher as a career requires much tolerance. Messing with students is not something that everyone can do. However, I agree that teachers were more appreciated in the past. To begin with, nowadays, students have access to much online training. When they face the problem of not understanding some subjects, they can easily find many videos on Youtube and Coursera or other sites. For example, last semester, I had a course that I didn't learn well with my professor's teaching. Therefore, I took a free online course with another professor in a foreign university and solved my problem. In my opinion, this could be a reason for teachers to be less valued these days because students are not dependent on them anymore. Whereas in the past, people thought that teachers knew everything so they could provide answers to any question. Secondly, I think people who decided to be a teacher in the past were really in love with this job. They enjoyed spending time with children and were patient enough to handle every situation and student's question. So they were known as a kind and understanding people by society. But today, many teachers don't even like their careers and are forced to choose teaching as a job. As a result, they could not tolerate many different students' behavior, and sometimes they might seem mean. Furthermore, children were more polite and also shy before. Parents appreciated teachers a lot, so students didn't have their support for disagreeing with teachers. So because of the combination of these two reasons, teachers were much more respected. Finally, although society is trying to value everyone, especially teachers, I agree that because of increases in online training usage and also teachers who do not like their job, society respects teachers less than before.
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