Workers are more satisfied when they have many different types of tasks to do during the workday than when they do similar tasks all day long. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Time has changed, and people do not work just because they have to get paid. People work not only because they need some money to make a living but also because they need to satisfy their inner needs. Therefore, if a competent manager wants to have high-spirited workers, he or she has to pay attention to what their employees need. One of these needs is having different tasks and various things to do. The following explanations show why this is an important need for workers and their morality. First of all, every human needs variety in their lives, and the absence of that will cause irreparable damage to their soul; as the old proverb in my country says, “Stagnant water spoils, stagnant human boils.” It also goes for relationships and jobs; if one does not have flow in the things they do daily, they will become dejected soon; Therefore, if workers do not have many different types of tasks to do in a day, there is a high chance for them to become depressed and motiveless in future, which will result in a decrease in their work’s quality and can cause detriment to the company. In addition, it may gradually contribute to some mental illnesses such as melancholia in extreme cases. The second reason for advocating the idea of variant tasks is finding new talents in employees and using them; if someone constantly makes a monkey swim, they will never find out about its stunning ability for climbing. This example shows how some workers’ abilities are wasted just because they do not find the opportunity to show their other skills. On the other hand, if one lets their workers do so many different tasks during the workday, some of the workers may suddenly find a particular and extreme talent in doing some tasks which they have never tried before. This will provides new headways for the company and the worker himself since he or she can get promoted and get paid more money. As you can see, nowadays we have to follow modern ways of managing employees and giving them tasks to get the best outcome. Letting workers do so many different tasks is one of them, which will result in a happier life and heavier pockets for them. Consequently, it will make them more satisfied and even can result in some progress for the company and managers themselves. In other words, everyone will be happy in the end; Isn’t it just “The happy ending” that we all want?
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