Advantages and disadvantages of technology in office

Some people believe that technology won’t be helpful for increasing worker productivity. On the other hand, lectrurer explains about the advantages of the technology in money and time. Office workers always should sit whole day on a chair over a desk and do their works. Thus, sitting whole day in a constant place will result declining worker productivity. Furthermore, some physical discomforts like back and neck pains will reduce power productivity. In contrast, many people belivee that technology helps people’s lives. Using technology is kind of investment on time and money. So, this investment particularly on time, will increase worker productivity. For instance, photocopy machines were very slow and inaccurate in the past; but nowadays, new photocopy machines are very fast and very accurate which will reduce workers' times. Also, by Using technology, offices will need fewer workers and this is a kind of investment on money. There are some approaches to reduce the isadvantages of the technology like using 5 minutes break times or using ergonomic stuffs like ergonomic desks and chairs to reduce physical discomforts, and etc. Finally, offices should use the technology to increase worker productivity and invest on time and money.
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