Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Telephone and email have made communications between people less personal. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Do telephone and email take away our privacy while trying to stay in touch with each other? Well, it is in fact a controversial question. Although many people might have developed conspiracies about this topic, I personally believe that they do not let our messages and calls get easily exposed. Furthermore, I will bring two reasons and examples to support my idea. Firstly, these tools are great for only conveying information, but they are not convenient for discussing private subjects. For example, when we want to talk about important things over email, we often cannot understand other person's true feelings when he's typing down words, since we cannot feel his expressions and intonations. I think having conversations about such topics while being face-to-face is a more suitable way to do so. Secondly, our messages are often protected by advanced systems and mechanics, And they do not get leaked easily. For instance, Emails are actually sent in encrypted formats and then they get decrypted when they reach their destination. This process includes using sophisticated algorithms to turn the words and sentences present in an email into signs, numbers, and alphabets that are meaningless, which are called Hashes. Then, when the receiver gets all of the pockets, the emailing platform uses the same algorithm to reverse the cryptography into its original form. So even if someone steals these pockets, they are not able to read them. And as a result, our personal data will stay confidential. In conclusion, These tools that we are provided with, actually do facilitate our communications and also, they have many diverse intricate protection systems that it is unfair to think they are not safe when it comes to privacy concerns. Besides, we should not discuss personal things over email and telephone because they feel uncomfortable. But even if we do, there is no need to worry.
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