Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “Overall, the widespread use of the internet has a mostly positive effect on life in today’s world.” Use reasons and details to support your opinion.

The reading passage proposes three main ideas for saving the existing urban forest and nurturing its trees.The professor agrees with the importance of the forest and its effects on the people's lives, but does not approve of the way some of the ideas are planned to be executed. First, the passage suggests introducing laws that promote preservation of existing flora and prevent developments and expansions which would potentially cause harm to the trees. The professor sheds doubt on this proposition by recalling that in the past there have also been other instances of rules being passed with the goal of protecting the urban forest which mostly failed. She explains that those previous attempts mostly failed due to two reasons, The first reason being the complicated nature of legal writing which made the laws difficult for people to understand and the second reason being a lack of will to enforce the laws, as a lack of consequences for breaking the law will lead to the law being broken. Second, The passage brings up the idea of using both public and private funds for supporting and nurturing existing trees. The professor is not certain about the usefulness of this idea too, as she believes this is just a different way of announcing tax increases, as a small percentage of the money required for supporting the existing trees has ever come from volunteer donations. She doubts the prospect of increased private funding in the future and disagrees with raising taxes for this purpose. Third, the passage talks abouteducating the populace on the importance of the tree foliage and their potential role in preserving and supporting the urban forest. The professor strongly supports this idea and counts it as the first action which should take place. However, she notices that vague, general ideas will probably not come to much, as had happened with previous attempts at educating the people by manuevering on concepts such as "changing one's lifestyle". She believes the education should be clear and observable, like explaining how trees help improve the golf course or keep the dog park clean.
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