Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Because modern life is very complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize. Use specific reasions and examples to support your answer.

As one old saying in Chinese goes," Doing something is always better than nothing". Today, the world is becoming more and more complicated, which also comes with higher request for each of us living in the society. So in my perspective, it is important for yough people to have the ability to plan and organize at first. To begin with, indeed, compared to several decades before, the society is more complex in every aspect of our life. For example, with no doubt, the technology has pervaded into every corner of modern life. On the one hand, we share the happiness that the high-tech products have brought to us. But on the other hand, we are also shocked by the complex structure inside every products we use, both hardware such as circuits and software such as logical codes. Only the person who has received high quality of education can build those goods.With those technology the effiency of whole society will be raised, and the rythm of society will become faster and faster. Second, to carry on with the development of society, one should make plans before they start to do something. In this way, it will not only increase the likelihood for one person to become successful, but also help them to live a happier life by arranging their life in order. This is more important when a person is about to enter the next stage of their life, such as entering the college or starting their career. For the college students, if they want to enter the industry, they should make the decision in advance that they will try their best to attain every internship chance during their college life. If they want to become a professor, they should try to help their teachers in their libraries, in order to recommend letter to get admission of a Ph.D offer. In this case, on account that they have made that plan, the college students will be more direct to their destination rather than do many meaningless things. In conclusion, people should be encouraged to make plan and it is essential in modern complex social life.
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