Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment—doing things they like to do—rather than doing things they should do. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Many children's leisure time is spent in front of the television. Usually, many ads which are directed toward children, interrupt when the program is being watched. Some people believe that these ads should be banned and I, greatly, support this idea. I will discuss my ideas in the following paragraphs. Firstly, I think that children can't decide wisely and might easily be brainwashed. By watching these ads which are standing on state-of-arts technics, kids might put pressure on their parents to buy the advertised gizmos. There is no doubt that parents are in charge of deciding for their children, But as advertisements point toward the children, more forces are parents faced with. Thus this kind of advertisement declines parents' ability to control their children. For example, I have a little brother who watches cartoons on television. Sadly he faces a lot of advertisements daily, and most of them are trying to sell a toy or something similar by brainwashing kids who aren't able to distinguish between good and bad things. These advertisements make my brother to stuff a lot of pressure on my parents. A lot of time my parents are forced to buy my brother toys that they know wouldn't be played with. Secondly, this kind of advertisement will lead to overconsumption. While In the past many toys would survive a decade or two, with many new toy's advertisements, children start to feel the need for them. Besides, there are many parents who don't want to say no to their kids because they believe such things might increase the children's anxiety. Thus not only over consumption will be happening if a lot of families buy these fragile toys for their children but also, children, indirectly, will be learned to be extravagant. Nowadays many ads are directed toward kids. It can be concluded from the aforementioned ideas that this kind of advertisement not only declines the parent's control over children but also increases the extravagance in children. Thus I agree that these ads should not be allowed.
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