Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more enjoyable to have a job where you work only three days a week for long hours than to have a job where you work five days a week for shorter hours. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In today's sophisticated life, vocation is one the most significant aspects of life contributing to a person's contentment. Due to its far-reaching implications, a spotlight is specifically given to the number of working hours. With the further investigation into this issue, a controversial question that arises is whether people should have an intensive three day's work and be free for the rest of the week, or have a standard five days working period. Although some people might be tempted by the idea of having four days a week for themselves, others might think more rationally and choose otherwise. Personally, I contend that working in conventional circumstances is way more profitable for numerous reasons, two of which I will elaborate on my viewpoint in the following paragraphs. First and the essential aspect to consider is that working itself is a demanding activity that requires a tremendous amount of physical and mental energy, and one should always be prepared to propose creative solutions for the challenges ahead. Thus, it is undeniable that when one works for long successive hours, it would directly affect creativity and effectiveness in responding, and eventually, the work efficiency will drastically decrease. And no matter how hard that person tries to disguise this fact, it is inevitable for a normal human being to be tired and lose concentration after this amount of work, which even unintentionally reflects on their work outcomes. Having had such experience before as a freshman, I can now understand this with my bones and flesh. Back in my internship years, I used to work for 8 hours from Monday to Friday, which I thought I was ok with. However, after two months, I vividly saw my performance start dropping and making mistakes. This poor performance and loss of focus resulted in not being able to be hired as a permanent employee there. Additionally, the other pivotal reason worth mentioning is that working is not the only important aspect of life and a harmonious blending of both work and other factors determines one's happiness; thereby, people should manage their daily schedule in a way to incorporate other activities as well. Working for a standard amount of time allows one to easily allocate the rest of their day for other extracurricular activities. It offers the opportunity of having the rest of the rest for themselves and enjoying it as they like. For instance, one can attribute that time to flourish their interests and attend language learning courses and art classes, or they can focus on their physical health and go to a gym and exercise. This issue is more pronounced for parents who should spend some daily quality time with their children in order to be great parents and be in touch with every subtle change in their home environment. Take my cousin, for instance; her parents always worked overtime, and during her susceptible teenage years, she had significant problems in school, with no parents to listen to her concerns; unfortunately, she turned to drugs for comfort and died after an overdose. Had her parents dedicated some time to her, she would not have been in that horrible, lonely situation. To sum up, all the aforementioned reasons converge to the fact that regulating your working hours within the week not only results in better work efficiency but also provides the opportunity of some grand extra time in the day for the person. The importance of this balancing is so conspicuous that it is suggested that authorities establish some policies regarding this issue for companies and emphasize its far-reaching impacts of it.
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