Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Famous entertainers and athletes deserve to have more privacy than they have now. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Although many people might disagree with me about this particular topic, I personally believe that celebrities actually do deserve to keep their personal life details out of other people's access. Furthermore, I will bring three reasons and examples to support my idea. First, We know that these people have actually struggled a lot to reach the point that they are right now. And therefore, they really should enjoy their privacy instead of worrying about protecting it. For instance, "Bolt" has trained vigorously for many years and ran for miles before he could win numerous Olympics gold medals and become the fastest runner in the world. He faced many hardships that we cannot even imagine. Another example could be singers who overcome many challenges and practice different disciplines consistently before they become able to turn into professional singers. The second reason I believe this way, is because of the "Paparazzi". This jargon refers to the people who take pictures of renowned individuals in different situations and publish them or simply bother these famous people in other ways such as taking their time and asking for a selfie. They have made the life of celebrities miserable. For example, "Daniel Radcliff", the actor, never walks in the public without gathering 10 or 15 dogs around him, in order to keep his distance from the crowd. Or "Mark Zuckerburg", The CEO of "Facebook", Always wears the same T-shirt in the public in order to make the pictures of the paparazzi monotonous and boring. Lastly, famous individuals have influenced many people's lives in positive ways, so why would we return their favor by making their personal life details our business? Remember Zuckerburg, He improved the lives of many people by inventing social media. Or "Daniel Radcliff", He played through all of the "Harry Potter" series which have entertained us for generations. Do these people really deserve to get treated like this? In conclusion, Although we all tend to develop curiosity due to our intrinsic nature for understanding the details of successful people's lives, We should always respect their privacy and never get too far into this curiosity and agitate them. Because no one likes his personal information to get shared with the public.
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