Which of the following do you think contribute most to an enjoyable vacation: 1. good food 2. good location 3. good friends to travel with. Select one and give your reasons.

There are many factors that affect our experience of vacation. From my perspective, good friends who accompany you during your vacation are having the most effect. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. First, traveling with friends can be cheaper, but alone could be more expensive because the option of sharing is available. You can split costs to decrease the travel expenses. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. Last year, two of my friends and I decided to visit Tabriz. We rented a shared room in order to manage our expenses to travel cheaper. Besides that, we used to go back and forth by taxi. We even cooked at home to reduce our expenses. We had a lot of fun on this journey and at the same time managed to split the high costs. Secondly, traveling with friends makes you discover those things you really did not know about your friends. You see them from a different perspective and this will make you appreciate them more. For instance, my sister had two close friends who had been friends for several years. They made a very fun plan for a three-person trip. There is a saying that says when you want to know people better, go on a trip with them. My sister also mentioned the same thing after their trip and was very happy that she knew many of their good and sometimes bad manners. In conclusion, due to the aforementioned reasons, I strongly believe that having good friends can positively manage our expenses. We can also know our friends better.
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