Describe a fear you had to overcome. How did you overcome it?

According to me, the most common feeling in human beings is "fear". It may be the fear of climbing a high wall or bicycling or losing a close one but the feeling that stops us from reaching our aim or becoming successful is this 'fear' and it may vary from person to person. Nevertheless,there are various ways of overcoming it. Generally,I am a happy-going person but I also had a fear and that is the fear of socializing. Being an introvert I like spending my time alone and doing stuff like reading, cooking, gardening,etc. When it is time to go out and communicate with others I used to have palpitations. In the past, I used to find it extremely difficult to talk to others and place my opinion above them. Rather even if I had something to say, I used to keep quiet out of the fear that I might be wrong and others will make fun of me. I used to get extremely conscious of the way I behave and how I portray myself before everyone. Gradually I realized that I need to overcome this fear of connecting and live a normal life. Being humble and decent is a good way of living but one should be confident about himself or herself. As a child,I barely spoke to anyone in my school and had almost no friends. I realized that I am losing out on any interesting things in my life. As a result of which to develop my communication skills I joined a class to make new friends and started having regular therapy sessions. The counselor is a friend of mine and hence it became much easier for me to be free around her and overcome this fear of socializing. After four to five sessions I started feeling better. Now I can confidently carry myself around anyone and everyone. Even now I can strike up a conversation with a stranger easily. In conclusion, I can say that yes, I also had a fear but with the help of my own willpower and practice I overcame it and now I am very much proud of myself. Initially,it was difficult to get out of the comfort zone to which I belong but once I was determined to do it, by taking baby steps I was finally successful.
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