Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people nowadays do not give enough time to helping their communities.

I totally agree with the statement that today young people don't give enough time to helping their communities. I think that this is happing because young people have a crazy life, with a lot of thing to do in their day. In addition, they prefer stay with their friends and go to the club, parties and trip, instead help their communities. In the next paragraphs I will explain my position. First of all, young people have a plent of activities to do during all the day. They often go to the school or university a part time. In the afternoon, they make their homework, study to the test, or take some another activities from the school. This scheldule very busy, don't give much time to young people think in their communities. I was a good exemple when I was young. I went to school in the morning and play soccer with my friends in the afternoon. I came much tired in my house and I didn't think anybody. As you see young people there aren't much time to help their communities. Another reason that young people don't help their communities is because their prefer stay with their friends in their free time. Hence, they go to the club, go to the parties and make a trip with their friends. In this way, they just want enjoy their friends, instead to help other people. My son is like this. He just want to go to the club play volleyball and he dosen't think help other people. In conclusion, I firmily agree with the claim that young people don't have enough time to help their communities, because they are filling their time with others functions like school, activities and stay with their friends.
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