Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Maybe you could hear someone say on contrary but in my opinion the parents certainly are the best taechers. Nobody in this life can teach better than a father and a mother. I firmily agree with this statement and I will explain my reasons in the following paragraphs. First of all, parents teach to their sons not only basic things as a write, read and how to speak, but life's lessons. Parents teach things that will make a child become a adult. Lessons that will stay for all the the son's life. For instance, my father teach me to be a man. How I have to treat the others. I learned with my father that I have to love my family. My father sad that the family is the most important thing that I could have in my live. My brother broke his legs once and I was alone with him when this happened. My parents was in a trip. My uncle Jon traveled 500 miles to help with my brother and gave me a support. He lived in other city. When this happened, I could see that what my father said is true and I neve forgot that. Second, I know that the teacher's school are excentials and we can learn many things with then and is very important. But parents teach things like love, like to be a good person and lessons that none teacher will teach to his class. My mother teach me that I have to take care of my grandparents. The importance that my grandparents have in my life. I learned that they were toke care my parents that are the person that I love so much in my live and if they didn't do that maybe I couln't be here. As you see important lesson that nome teacher will teach me in the school. In conclusion, I totaly agree with the statement that our parrents are the best teachers. The parents teach to us, things that we will never learn in the school. Things that we will take to rest of our lifes and we will neve forgot and we become better man and woman in the future.
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