Because modern life is very complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize.

Nowadays people have a lot of things to do during their day. In this context, young people, instead low time of life when comparable to adults, they pass to the same situation. This isn't good because young people probably have more time of live than edearly. In my opinion, the possible solution to this problem is the young people make a plan and organize their life to facilitate, avoid got crazy in the future. The morden life can facilitate young people's life making a plan of life. This could be done in a peace of paper where the young will write all that his task of the day. For instance, In the morning go to the university at 8:00 am until 11:00 am. In the aftenoon have a lunch at 12:00 pm, later 14:00 pm take the homewook. At 15:00 pm read a phisics book and in the final of the day, play tennis with Carlos at 17:00 pm. In this case the young person could organize his day and don't forget anything that he have to do. As you see, plan the day is very efective and facilitade the life. The complex modern life today cold leave a young people crazy. Young go to the school, clubs, social events and many activities in their lifes. It's is possible consequence because they have so many things to do and don't stop a second. The organization of their life can solve this trouble. A possible solution could be the celular phone. Nowadays we have many apps to help in this issue. My son is a example of this. He use the " Time go". This help him to organize all the thing that he has to do, not only in his day, but in his month. He don't forget any appointment and his life is better, since he stated to use "time go". Before that he had much headache and didn't sleep well. This is a prove that the young people can organize their life, just using a simple app. In summary, today themodern life of young people are very dimanic and fast. It is a itens that could make then crazy and got a wheath problem. Young people can have a plan and organize their life with different ways, as a app from the celular phone or a simple peace of paper. Certainly, this attitude will facilitate their lifes and make easy the things to then.
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