How do movies or television influence people’s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer

There a long-term discussion about how movies or television could influence the people's behavior. In fact, this occur because people whatch television a lot. In my perspective, I believe that both movies and television can influence the people's behavior. It could be a good or bad behavior. I will explain in the following paragraphs. First, in my opion, people see many movies and programs and tv shows. In addition, people always like a athor, a cartoon, a singer or someone else. In this way, people tend to imitate what exactly his artist do. For example, once a singer of the group Kiss appear in the show on TV putting his tongue out the mouth. I remember in that period, children saw that and started to do the same all the time. Due this bad behevior on TV, the singer taugh the children to show their tongue out the mouth. Second, I think that people can be influence in a good way as well. There are a several good movies and programs on TV and these might teach good things people. To illustrate this I can say my personal example. I was a child and I liked watch a movie on the afftenoons. I was 8 years old when I wathch a movie that a boy had a serious problems because he lie to his parents and he almost die becuse that. I lied sometimes to my parents too. That movie was the most important movie that I could watched. The lesson was so strong and I never forgot that any more. As you can see, that movie influence me in my life and I never lie to my parents. In conclusion, this issue is very complex and there are people that think the movies and TV not influence anybody and there are people that do. In my point of view, I firmily believe that both movie and tv could influence people to do good and bad things. A better control of the what apper on the screen will be excellent to the popullation.
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