some people prefer interactive classes , other prefer to only listen to teacher speak. which do you prefer ? use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

The type of lecture matters a lot in remembering the lecture in the long run. Many people prefer interactive classes over just a one way lecture. I prefer an interactive lecture for two reasons which we will explore in this essay. Firstly, interactive sessions are engaging which helps me remember the lecture. These sessions require active participation in the session which leads to better focus in the lecture compared just listening tothe lecture. Since we are actively involved we remember the lecture better. I have experience this during my first year of college. Our professor used to question us in between the lecture so, our alertness was at its peak during those sessions. She also used to encourage discussions which led to learning new facts about the lesson. If she wouldn't have asked us questions and encouraged discussions we wouldn't have learned the topic in detail and remembered it till today. Whereas the lectures which are just one way, one tends to lose focus and couldn't understand it. Due to which one might think that the subject itself is difficult. Secondly, interactive sessions may make the subject look easy. Since we are able to understand the subject in the classroom during the nteraction, we tend to put more effort into learning that subject. Whereas subjects that are not interactive, we find it difficult. This is due to lack of focus in college. Moreover, the subject itself is not difficult but it makes an impression on our mind that this subject is difficult. Which can lead to avoiding subject due to fear until the last moment. For example, when I was in college, our physics professor used to teach us in an interactive way and which developed curiosity and better focus. This led to finding this subject interesting and enjoying it. Whereas, our chemistry professor used to conduct one way lectures. These lectures turned out to be boring and I ended up thinking that this subject is difficult and would avoid it. To conclude, I prefer interactive lectures over just listening lecture, as they are more engaging and they would make a difficult topic seem easy.
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