Because transportation is so important in the daily lives of people, governments should provide people with free access to public transportation.

Public transportation supports people’s daily lives and makes them more convenient. Some people believe governments should provide people with free access to public transportation. I agree with this opinion because it can solve environmental problems such as air pollution and encourage economic growth in various areas. First and foremost, using public transportation can solve environmental issues such as air pollution and global warming. There are a lot of serious environmental problems which should be solved as soon as possible. For instance, more people will use public transportation, not their own automobiles. Driving cars emit harmful chemicals and carbon dioxides which are harmful to the environment. This accelerates global warming, which can destroy the ecosystem and cause strange climates. If more people use public transportation, the total amount of emissions can be reduced, and these environmental problems can be solved. In addition, reducing these emissions can protect people from diseases. Inhaling polluted air cause cancers and thwart people to have a comfortable life. Second, more people visit other cities and countries frequently with free transportation access. This can improve the economic situation in local areas and some countries can be more active. For example, it is apparent that visiting other places will generate more consumption in the area such as purchasing souvenirs, enjoying having food at a restaurant, and staying at a hotel. When I used a one-day free pass ticket in Kyoto, I visited several areas in a day and spent a lot of money. I did not hesitate to spend much money thanks to the free pass. If the governments encourage more cities and countries to introduce such free transportation passes, huge economic growth can make them more active. Also, this positive economic cycle will generate new industries and jobs. In some rural areas, more people will migrate, and the population decrease will be alleviated. The governments will have more budgets to invest in different industries, which makes the areas more profitable. In conclusion, I agree that governments need to provide people with free access to public transportation. This is because environmental problems such as air pollution and global warming can be solved by using public transportation and more people will provide other areas with huge benefits. Free access to public transportation will eventually save people, the environment, and society.
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